Milestones and future


Founded in 1996

Our product portfolio back then consisted of bathroom radiators

Automotive supplier 1999

FHL receives its first orders from the automotive segment

Becoming a Tier 1 supplier 2004


Completing the first deliveries directly to an OEM. From then on, the production of engine related tubular parts had become the major focus at FHL. With the use of state-of-the-art technology and the main principle of continuous development the company's capabilities expanded rapidly.

VW group supplier 2011

FHL starts delivering parts to the VW Group. With an ever-growing number of products, the company had to increase its capacity by opening a second plant.

Tamási manufacturing site opens 2017


FHL expands its operation with a new manufacturing site specialized for aluminum tubular components.

New plant in Tamási 2024


New rubber hose plant starts production


About us

FHL is a certified automotive supplier for engine related tubular components that is well embedded in the market as a Tier1 and also as a Tier2 supplier

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