Our work processes


Preparing lengths for our processes. - diameter range 6 - 55 mm - RSA cutting centres are used for straight tubes - SMI is straightening and cutting aluminium tubes which we receive as coils Output: - up to 10000 cuts/shift


Perfect beads for tight connections in other words; how our products interface with the vehicle - smallest bead diameter produced at FHL currently : 7.1 mm - largest bead diameter produced at FHL currently: 53.5 mm . .


When it comes to bending, we apply different methods/concepts depending on the diameter of the product. - Our CNC bending machines can process tubes from 4 mm to 60 mm in diameter. - Bending tools are designed, in many cases also produced in-house.


FHL is designing welding fixtures and equipment in-house - We possess over 20 years of expertise and know-how - Welding technologies applied at FHL: AWI, CO and resistance welding - Depending on yearly demand, we can automatize this process by using robots - Output Resistance welding: up to 3100 pieces /shift CO Robot welding: up to 500 pieces /shift CO Manual welding: up to 300 pieces /shift


We are operating 2 ovens for steel and 1 for stainless steel products. On aluminium products heat is applied in a more concentrated way but for a shorter time-period. All brazing fixtures are designed and produced in-house. - Output Steel (pcs/shift): 18500 Stainless-steel (pcs/shift): 1400Steel Aluminium (pcs/shift): Manual brazing 70 Two-Stop-Table 200 Rotary Table 450


FHL is stamping brackets and consoles for its products in-house. A separate production hall had been set up for this very purpose. Stamping force range: 25 to 200 tons. We are producing various components from small and simple brackets to larger more complicated consoles and stiffening plates etc in-house The stamped components are washed and de-burred also in-house - Thickness of raw material: 1-3 mm - Output: up to 13000 components/shift