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We are a ISO and IATF certified automotive supplier, operating as a Tier1 and also as a Tier2 partner. Reliability, competence, and continuous improvement both technologically and organisationally is what best describes us a company. With both our production sites located in Hungary, we are geographically in a perfect location to supply the European market.

The size and organisational structure of our venture allows us to dynamically react to any customer request - may that be a change in product design, project milestones or delivery schedule etc. – making us an essential partner in these challenging times! - Given the fact that we are producing most of our tools and fixtures in-house, we can offer very competitive turnaround times for new projects

Automatization and digitalization

V. We ensure staying ahead of the game and keeping our customers happy, by applying industry leading automatization and digitalisation solutions.

Hands on approach

Our 20+ years experience in the industry enables us to create work cells, build manufacturing equipment and create optimal layout for any operation.

Continuous improvement

We never settle for the ordinary as we continuously seek new ways to improve our operation. With the introduction of various initiatives, we have implemented the lean mindset at all levels of the organisation.




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ISO 9001:2015


IATF 16949:2016


ISO 14001:2015

Materials we work with


Carbon steel

60% of our products is made of carbon steel. All the processes/technologies needed to form, bend, join, test these products are available in-house. Coating and surface treatment are services we procure from our long-term strategic partners located within a 50 km radius.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel products make up about 15 % of our portfolio. We are working with long-term, trusted, reliable suppliers who provide us with precision tubes of the highest quality available on the market. We have recently expanded our brazing capacity by adding an additional stainless steel brazing oven to our machinery.



Aluminium is a preferred choice of our premium clients when it comes to coolant-fluid-management. 25% of our products are produced from Aluminium. Our production site in Tamási is specialised on producing coolant pipes out of Aluminium.

2024 (1)


FHL is currently offering a very attractive opportunity to established hose manufacturers in the form of a toll manufacturing agreement for rubber hose production with FHL

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